Rackesh and Brithany Here Hi!!

Welcome to Jerk Tavern!!! We are super excited to share amazing delicious recipes with you from our dinner table to yours.

Wow!! Where do we start? My husband and I always had a passion for cooking for so long. I was told that being a chef is not allowed in the family by my typical Jamaican parent. But to make a long story short here we are finally being able to let our food do the talking. We live in NYC/FL. Our favorite thing to do is bond with our son. And most importantly Yahshua (Jesus) is the center of our home and the Lord of our Lives.

Our Mission

On our blog you can expect to see authentic Jamaican food 🇯🇲and food from different cultures with a Jamaican spin to it. We cook vegan food and vegetarian food. We don’t want to put ourselves in a box because we eat and cook all different kinds of food. We will create food and content that will leave a lasting impression on YOU and your TUMMY LOL.

Jerk Tavern is here to provide you with Quick, Easy, and SUPER Delicious food that will keep you coming back for more. I hope that we will be able to inspire you to try our recipes and tag us on Instagram @jerktavernn.

On our blog, we won’t only share our love of food with you. But you can expect to know more about Brithany and Rackesh and our son, Travel, and more. Expect to fall in love with us lol jokes. We hope to gain a family with you all so excited for this new journey.

Our Vision

Our vision for the blog is to see it help millions of homes have life a little easier and tastier with the recipes that have helped us and food that we truly enjoy cooking and eating. But most importantly our goal with our blog is to try and spread the gospel of Christ through food. At the end of each blog, there will be a section named Wisdom. In wisdom will always be a bible verse and encouraging words along with the good news which is John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

“O Taste and see the Lord is good”